Wellman Shew

"Wellman Shew is a California-based insurance sector entrepreneur, business leader, and professional with a long history in the field."

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Shew graduated from Central Union High School in Fresno (1977). Shew attended California State University-Fresno (CSU-Fresno) for his undergraduate studies after graduating from high school, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1981.

Shew became an insurance specialist the following year, laying the groundwork for a lifetime career.

Shew is a well-known and respected member of the Fresno community. Shew was elected to the Board of Directors of Total Life Change (TLC), a local faith-based organization dedicated to providing an affordable alternative for families dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and recovery, in 2020. TLC employs a whole-family approach to produce better outcomes for the individual and their support system.

Wellman is currently the Celebrate Recovery program's training leader at Clovis Hills Community Church. He also serves on the Warriors Heart Ministry Board of Directors.

Shew recently oversaw a solar energy panel project for Clovis Hills Community Church that has saved the church over $600,000 in total energy costs. He has been a Celebrate Recovery volunteer for over ten years.

In addition, for over 35 years, Wellman Shew has sponsored two children through the Compassion International organization. Sponsored children have access to health care, hygiene training, educational assistance, life skills training, food, recreational activities, and other services through the organization.